IRNA interview with Dr Hamidreza Saligheh Rad

IRNA interview with Dr Hamidreza Saligheh Rad

Dr Hamidreza Saligheh Rad QMISG, Group Director, Research Center for Molecular and Cellular Imaging, Research Deputy. Institute for Advanced Medical Technologies and Devices. International Deputy Iranian Chapter of International Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine, President . In this interview with IRNA, Dr Saligheh Rad Speaks about importance of having research culture in the […]



The story of Dr Saligheh Rad returning to iran

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Expanding the Role of Radiology in Patient Management

Make no mistake. Radiologists are members of the patient management team. They always have been. Often radiologists are associated with the acquisition and interpretation of images when, in fact, their mission is to help the referring physician achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. As doctors’ doctors, they have traditionally amplified the patient management […]



How Radiology Can Improve Outcomes and Make Medicine Better

Much has been said about the potential of outcomes to change the practice of medicine. Through comparative studies, outcomes research could point out how, under certain circumstances, the use of one imaging technology might be better than others. It might simplify the choice and process by which referring physicians order exams, encouraging best practices not […]