Brain tumor

A brain tumor is a mass or growth of   abnormal   cells   in   brain   or   close  to   the brain . MRI  is commonly used  to help  diagnose brain tumors.  MRI  also can be used to measure the tumor’s size.
A number of specialized MRI scan components — including functional MRI, perfusion MRI     and magnetic resonance spectroscopy — may  help the doctor evaluate  the tumor  and  plan treatment. A special dye called  a contrast medium is given before the scan  to create a clearer picture . This  dye  can  be  injected   into  a   patient’s  vein  or  given  as  a  pill  to  swallow .  MRIs create  more  detailed  pictures  than CT scans and are the preferred  way  to diagnose  a  brain tumor. The MRI may be of the brain, spinal cord, or both, depending on the type of tumor suspected  and  the likelihood that  it will spread  in the CNS. There are different types of  MRI .  The results of a neuro-examination, done by the internist or neurologist, helps determine which type of MRI to use.
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