Who Are We?

The Quantitative MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Group (QMISG) is a multi disciplinary magnetic resonance quantification research group.
QMISG gathers interested researchers, scientists and physicians who share a common concern in utilizing and developing novel imaging and computational technologies to provide a framework for accurate diagnosis of human diseases and monitoring the anatomical and physiological changes resulting from pathologies or in response to the planned treatment.

No action without research
No research without action
Education is not preparation for life
Education is life itself.
The key to get better treatment
is to get better diagnosis
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At QMISG, we believe that the future of MRI/S will be premised on formation of advance imaging and quantification technologies to investigate disease progression biomarkers.


QMISG embraces an oriented educational and research base community to provide physicians, surgeons, radiologists and patients with excellent services.


QMISG is a multi-disciplinary magnetic resonance quantification research group established in 2012 at the Research Center for Molecular and Cellular Imaging (RCMCI).

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