WMPLS throughput efficiency in multipath Rayleigh fading environments



This paper studies the throughput efficiency of wireless multi-protocol label switching (WMPLS) applying data link automatic repeat request (ARQ), go-back-N (GBN) and selective repeat (SR) protocols, for reliable packet transmission. The paper investigates the impact of the packet size on the throughput efficiency of the ARQ protocol for a reliable service under different conditions of a multipath fading channel. This investigation addresses the probability of receiving a correct packet. An upper bound and a lower bound for this probability are suggested in the closed-form format. A novel numerical method to calculate the optimal packet size for GBN is also proposed in this paper.


Throughput, Rayleigh channels, Automatic repeat request, Multiprotocol label switching, Packet switching, Fading, Wireless application protocol, Switches, Quality of service, Wireless networks .

NA Ali, H Saligheh Rad, S Gazor and H Mouftah

Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004 (CCECE’04), Niagara Falls, May 2004.
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