Space vector modulation based on classification method in three-phase multi-level voltage source inverters



Space vector modulation (SVM) is commonly in digital implementations of three phase PWM modulators. This paper proposes a general approach to determining sectors and durations associated with SVM in multi-level inverters. The algorithm is exact, fast, and applicable to any number of levels. It is based on a vector classification technique, which allows determination of the switching sequences and the calculation the switching instants in m-level inverters. The proposed technique reduces software complexity, decreases the computation time, and increases the accuracy of the positioning of the switching instants, when compared with the conventional implementation of the SVM in multi-level converters. Results are given for a 3-level inverter.


Voltage, Support vector machines, Pulse width modulation inverters, Support vector machine classification, Space vector pulse width modulation, Pulse width modulation converters, Classification algorithms, Space technology, Digital modulation, Switching converters

A Bakhshai and H Saligheh Rad

IEEE Industry Applications Conference, Thirty-Sixth IAS Annual Meeting, vol. 1, pp. 597–602, 30 Sept.-4 Oct. 2001.
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