The MRI Physics Team

Since the discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance by Prof. Rabi, physics is the inseparable part of NMR and MRI systems. MR physics is a broad range of science from the theory of molecular spin dynamics for example in diffusion MRI up to technical aspects of RF pulse design in Ultrashort echo time, UTE, sequence. The ultimate goal of MR physics is to increase the quality of images and to find the new mechanism of contrast generation, all with helping of concepts behind the MR physics.

MR physics starts with manipulating of spins, where we try to make the relation between properties of tissue or a biological mechanism with spin ensembles, that is provided by using RF pulses and magnetic gradients.

In this group, we divide our research in these parts:

  1. Spin dynamics: to model and to understand the mechanism of generating MR signal for different sequences and imaging methods. We call it spin dance!
  2. Sequence development: the MR signal is generated with manipulating the spins that it comes to the reality with a sequence of RF pulse and magnetic gradient. We are working on developing new sequences and upgrade the current ones. Also, we provide services for other groups in QMISG.
  3. RF engineering: in some cases, we need to design and implement the RF coils and Gradients coils.

Our MRI Physics Team Members

    Dr. Mehdi Bagheri Mofidi (Mentor)

   Fardin Samadi


   Elmira Yazdani

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