The Cancer Team

Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal cell growth, which can destroy normal adjacent tissues leading to progressive health problems. Iran is currently in an epidemiological transition which has caused an emerging “outburst” wave of cancers, as a major public health concern. Iran is now being marked among the countries with fastest increasing rate of cancer.

MRI is now being recognized as a helpful (and in some cases indispensable) tool for pinpointing, staging, treatment planning and monitoring the response to therapy. At QMISG, we strive to improve cancer diagnosis and care through discovering and developing novel MRI/S biomarkers of cancer phenotypes. The main aim of our cancer research group is to find MR-based solutions to alleviate cancer patient’s disease by providing personalized diagnostic guidelines.

Our major focus area and employed techniques in cancer research include:

  • Brain tumor diagnosis, surgical and treatment planning, and follow-up by diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), perfusion-weighted imaging (DCE- and DSC-MRI), multi-voxel 3D MRSI, etc.;
  • Head & neck cancers detection, staging and follow-up by multi-parametric diffusion and perfusion- weighted imaging techniques;
  • Breast cancer diagnosis and assessment of the response to therapy by diffusion and perfusion techniques;
  • Assessment of metastatic bone cancers by multi-parametric whole-body MRI;

Female pelvic MR imaging (e.g. ovarian and cervical cancers) by advanced diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging.



Our Cancer Team Members


            Anahita Fathi Kazerooni (Mentor)

              Mehdi Bagheri Mofidi                          

              Bahareh Siahlou

           Soheila Koopaee

          Hossein Rahim Zadeh

             Mohammadreza Alviri


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