The ISMRM Open Science Initiative for Perfusion Imaging (OSIPI): Results from the OSIPI–Dynamic Contrast‐Enhanced challenge




Ktrans has often been proposed as a quantitative imaging biomarker for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment response assessment for various tumors. None of the many software tools for Ktrans quantification are standardized. The ISMRM Open Science Initiative for Perfusion Imaging–Dynamic Contrast‐Enhanced (OSIPI‐DCE) challenge was designed to benchmark methods to better help the efforts to standardize Ktrans measurement.
A framework was created to evaluate Ktrans values produced by DCE‐MRI analysis pipelines to enable benchmarking. The perfusion MRI community was invited to apply their pipelines for Ktrans quantification in glioblastoma from clinical and synthetic patients. Submissions were required to include the entrants’ Ktrans

ISMRM, Perfusion, OSIPI, Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced, MRI

Eve S Shalom, Harrison Kim, Rianne A van Der Heijden, Zaki Ahmed, Reyna Patel, David A Hormuth, Julie C DiCarlo, Thomas E Yankeelov, Nicholas J Sisco, Richard D Dortch, Ashley M Stokes, Marianna Inglese, Matthew Grech‐Sollars, Nicola Toschi, Prativa Sahoo, Anup Singh, Sanjay K Verma, Divya K Rathore, Anum S Kazerouni, Savannah C Partridge, Eve LoCastro, Ramesh Paudyal, Ivan A Wolansky, Amita Shukla‐Dave, Pepijn Schouten, Oliver J Gurney‐Champion, Radovan Jiřík, Ondřej Macíček, Michal Bartoš, Jiří Vitouš, Ayesha Bharadwaj Das, S Gene Kim, Louisa Bokacheva, Artem Mikheev, Henry Rusinek, Michael Berks, Penny L Hubbard Cristinacce, Ross A Little, Susan Cheung, James PB O'Connor, Geoff JM Parker, Brendan Moloney, Peter S LaViolette, Samuel Bobholz, Savannah Duenweg, John Virostko, Hendrik O Laue, Kyunghyun Sung, Ali Nabavizadeh, Hamidreza Saligheh Rad, Leland S Hu, Steven Sourbron, Laura C Bell, Anahita Fathi Kazerooni

Magnetic resonance in medicine
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