ADC-Derived Spatial Features Can Accurately Classify Adnexal Lesions


Background: The role of quantitative apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps in differentiating adnexal masses is unresolved.
Objective: To propose an objective diagnostic method devised based on spatial features for predicting benignity/malignancy of adnexal masses in ADC maps.
Results: The selected feature subspace consisting of RLM features differentiated benign from malignant adnexal masses with a classification accuracy of 92%. The same model discriminated benign, borderline, and malignant lesions with 87% and borderline from malignant with 100% accuracy. Qualitative assessment of the radiologists based on conventional MRI features reached an accuracy of 80%.
Conclusion: The spatial quantification methodology proposed in this study, which works based on cellular distributions within ADC maps of adnexal masses, may provide a helpful computer-aided strategy for objective characterization of adnexal masses.


ADC-Derived Spatial, Adnexal Lesions

Anahita Fathi Kazerooni, PhD , Mahnaz Nabil, PhD,Hamidreza Haghighat Khah, MD,Mohammadreza Alviri, MSc, Maryam Heidari-Sooreshjaani, MD,5 Masoumeh Gity, MD,6,7 Mahrooz Malek, MD and Hamidreza Saligheh Rad, PhD

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
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