Quantitative and computational cancer imaging (QACCI) team focuses on design and development of quantitative multi-parametric MRI protocols incorporated with machine and deep learning techniques for generating specific and sensitive biomarkers for cancer detection and diagnosis. The imaging-computational approach is designed to build models that can predict patient- and tumor-specific pathological and genomics state. Most of the currently available computational methods are not generalizable and cannot be easily translated to clinical applications. Therefore, one of the main aims of this team is to explore and propose clinically-applicable computer-aided approaches for personalized surgical and treatment planning of patients with cancers in a collaborative platform, comprising of surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, MR technologists, MRI physicists, and computational engineers. The mission of QACCI team is to advance clinical implementation of systematic computer-aided approaches for improving the confidence of healthcare providers in designing the most suitable diagnostic and treatment strategies for patients with cancers.

  1. Design and development of Multi-parametric MRI protocols for diagnostic and treatment monitoring/planning purposes
  2. Patient-specific imaging in brain tumors, head and neck, breast, prostate, liver, and gynecological cancers
  3. Quantitative analytical methods based on artificial intelligence techniques and big/small data
  1. Anahita Fathi Kazerooni, PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  2. Manijeh Beigi, PhD in Medical Physics
  3. Mehdi Bagheri Mofidi, PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  4. Sam Sharif Zad, PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering
  5. Sima Ahmadian, PhD Student in Nuclear Physics
  6. Ghazaleh Jamshidi, PhD Student in Medical Physics
  7. Nazanin Mobini, MSc Graduate in Biomedical Engineering
  8. Hossein Rahim Zadeh, MSc Graduate in Biomedical Engineering
  9. Soheila Koopaei, MSc Graduate in Medical Imaging
  10. Elmira Yazdani, MSc Student in Biomedical Engineering
  11. Salman Rezaei, MSc Student in Biomedical Engineering
  12. Zahra Hemmati, MSc Student in Medical Imaging
  13. Bahareh Siahloo, MSc Student in Biomedical Engineering
  14. Maryam Fotoohi, MD
  1. Hamidreza Saligheh Rad, PhD (MRI Physicist)
  2. Mohammadreza Ay, PhD (PET Physicist)
  3. Hamidreza Haghighatkhah, MD (Radiologist)
  4. Masoumeh Gity, MD (Radiologist)
  5. Mehdi Zeinali Zadeh, MD (Neurosurgeon)
  6. Guive Sharifi, MD (Neurosurgeon)
  7. Farid Azmoodeh-Ardalan (Pathologist)
  8. Mahyar Ghafouri, MD (Radiologist)
  9. Morteza Sanei, MD (Radiologist)
  10. Arvin Aryan, MD (Radiologist)
  11. Leila Agha-Ghazvini, MD (Radiologist)
  12. Maryam Rahmani, MD (Radiologist)
  13. Niloofar Ayyoubi, MD (Radiologist)
  14. Ahmad Ameri, MD (Oncologist)
  15. Pedram Fadavi, MD (Oncologist)
  16. Mostafa Farzin, MD (Oncologist)
  17. Farhad Samiei, MD (Oncologist)
  18. Kavous Firouz-Nia, MD (Radiologist)
  19. Meysam Mohseni, MD (Neurosurgeon)
  1. National and International Multi-institutional Cancer Studies
  2. Development of computer-Aided diagnostic/decision making software packages
  3. Submission of national and international grant proposals/publication of high impact papers/patenting the new approaches