Cardiac MRI

In this 4-days course, the basics of cardiac MRI will be described Such as routine cardiac MRI protocols, structural imaging, functional imaging, perfusion imaging, MRA of coronary arteries of heart and also how to make LGE images, practically.

The aim of this course is to grow the knowledge of using MRI, as a choice instead of invasive methods like biopsy or angiography. Also, outputs will be discussed to teach attendees how they can gain a better position in their work as an MRI technologist.

After completion of this training program, the attendees will be able to:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • ECG/EKG in cardiac MRI
  • Prospective/retrospective triggering
  • CMR pulse Sequences
  • Black and bright blood Imaging
  • Segmenting MRI Imaging (single-shot cardiac MRI)
  • Functional imaging such as cine view, etc.
  • Structural imaging such as T1, T2, STIR, etc.
  • Cardiac Mapping
  • Flowmetry
  • Perfusion Imaging
  • Late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) by cardiac MR (CMR)

  • Students and Graduates BSc Radiology as a Radio technologist or have master’s degrees associated with radiology that have a position in MRI department or have work experience.

Date: 98/5/15 – 98/5/18

Cardiac MRI