Advanced Vascular MRI Course

Advanced Vascular MRI Course

One of the biggest goals of the medical community is early diagnosis and evaluation of response to non-invasive treatment such as MRI. Due to the importance of this, our medical community needs training professionals to work With the MRI device and interpret the images related to it. These experts should be able to perform advanced imaging such as MRS, DWI, PWI, DTI, fMRI, etc. in addition to performing routine MRI imaging correctly Due to the large vacuum in this area at most MRI imaging centers, we decided to reduce this vacuum as much as possible by conducting short-term MRI training courses, from basic to advanced levels to Take effective data and improve ourselves for better diagnosis.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) involves routine MRI imaging to detect a variety of problems and disorders in different parts of the body, including imaging angiography and venography, SWI, QSM and CSF Flowmetry. The purpose of this course is to transfer deep knowledge about vascular imaging. The above imaging modalities have been increasingly used in studies of healthy and ill patients and are growing in trend. In this course, an overview of the physics and techniques of these techniques will be provided, followed by the imaging and protocol setting techniques and how to analyze the images (briefly).

The technical discussions that will be addressed in this course include:

  • Brain and spine anatomy
  • DTI:  from physics and technic and clinical applications
  • Perfusion, ASL:  from physics and technic and clinical applications
  • FMRI, BOLD Imaging:  from physics and technic and clinical applications
  • MRS & CEST:  from physics and technic and clinical applications
  • Experiment design with statistical analysis

  • Technologists and Radiographers (Students and Graduates)
  • Imaging Physicists

P.S: Applicants must have completed the Primary and Intermediate Certificate or have at least been trained in primary Studies.

  • Abbas nasiraeemoghadam
  • Hamidreza saligheh Rad
  • Hedayatollah soroush
  • Behrooz rafei
  • Hamidreza haghighatkhah

Date: 158 hr Theoretical &  30 hr Practical | 98/9/20 – 98/9/25


  • Theoretical Course: Tehran, Tohid Sq, Nosrat St, Nursing and Midwifery School, Tehran University Of Medical Science
  • Practical Course: Tehran, Motahari St, Miremad St, Mehrad Hospital, MRI Department