1. Automatic Bone Segmentation in Pelvis Area with Bone Marrow Metastases; Applications in Breast Cancer Treatment Monitoring.

    F Sanaei Nezhad, H Soltanian-Zadeh, H Saligheh Rad
  2. A Robust MR-Based Attenuation Map Generation in Short-TE MR Images of the Head Employing Hybrid Spatial Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Intensity Inhomogeneity Correction.

    M Shirin Shandiz, MH Aarabi, P Ghafarian, M Bakhshayesh Karam, H Saligheh Rad and M R Ay
  3. A New Approach for Visualization of Dynamic PET Images Employing Diffusion-Map Space.

    MH A’arabi, S Adebileje, M Shandiz, and H Saligheh Rad
  4. A Simple and Clinically Applicable Decision Tree for Accurate Classification of Complex Adnexal Masses Based on Quantitative DCE-MRI.

  5. Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Accurate Classification of Complex Ovarian Masses: A Whole-Tumor Heterogeneity Quantification Approach.

  6. An Automated Decision Tree Based on DCE-MRI and DWI Clinical Parameters for Classification of Parotid Tumors.

  7. Can Diffusion Weighted MRI Assess Early Response of Lymphadenopathy to Induction Chemotherapy in Nasopharyngeal Cancer: A Heterogeneity Analysis Approach.

    Manijeh Beigi, Anahita Fathi Kazerooni, Mojtaba Safari, Marzieh Alamolhoda, Ahmad Ameri, Shiva Moghdam, Mohsen Shojaee Moghdam, and Hamidreza Saligheh Rad
  8. The Role of Heterogeneity Analysis for Differential Diagnosis in Diffusion-Weighted Images of Meningioma Brain Tumors.

    Mojtaba Safari, Anahita Fathi Kazeroon, Maryam Babaie, Mahnaz Nabil, Mahsa Rostamie, Parvin Ghavami, Morteza Saneie Taheri, and Hamidreza Saligheh Rad
  9. Space vector modulation based on classification method in three-phase multi-level voltage source inverters.

    A Bakhshai and H Saligheh Rad
  10. Joint estimation and detection for transmit diversity over fast fading channels.

    S Gazor and H Saligheh Rad
  11. Transmission Diversity Ambiguities and Adaptive Channel Tracking.

    H Saligheh Rad and S Gazor
  12. An optimal receiver for transmission diversity over uncertain channels.

    H Saligheh Rad and S Gazor
  13. WMPLS throughput efficiency in multipath Rayleigh fading environments.

    NA Ali, H Saligheh Rad, S Gazor and H Mouftah
  14. Spatial-temporal-frequency decomposition for 3D MIMO microcellular environments.

    H Saligheh Rad, S Gazor, K Shahtalebi
  15. Time-Varying Coding for Space-Time Ambiguities.

    S Gazor and H Saligheh Rad
  16. Matrix Form Lapped Space Time Block Coding in Frequency Selective Channels.

    J Wu, H Saligheh Rad, SD Blostein and S Gazor
  17. MIMO space-time correlation model for microcellular environments.

    H Saligheh Rad and S Gazor
  18. The Effect of Mobile Station Rotation on a Correlation Model for Microcellular Environments.

    H Saligheh Rad and S Gazor
  19. A 3D correlation model for MIMO non-isotropic scattering with arbitrary antenna arrays.

    H Saligheh Rad, S Gazor
  20. Correcting for Gradient Imperfections in Ultra- Short Echo Time Imaging.

    JF Magland, H Saligheh Rad and FW Wehrli
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