1. Distributed Compressed Sensing to Accelerate Cine Cardiac MRI.

    Jafar Zamani, Abbas N Moghaddam1, Hamidreza S Rad
  2. Generation of MR-based Attenuation Correction Map of PET Images in the Brain Employing Joint Segmentation of Skull and Soft Tissue from Single Short-TE MR Imaging Modality.

    A Fathi Kazerooni, MH A’arabi, M Ay and H Saligheh Rad .
  3. A Novel Approach for Baseline Correction in 1H-MRS Signals Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition.

    MA Parto Dezfouli, M Parto Dezfouli, and H Saligheh Rad
  4. A High Throughput and Efficient Visualization Method for Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Human Brain Employing Diffusion-Map Space.

    MH A’arabi, A Fathi Kazerooni, N Salehi, and H Saligheh Rad .
  5. A fully automated and reproducible level-set segmentation approach for generation of MR-based attenuation correction map of PET images in the brain employing single STE-MR imaging modality.

    A Fathi Kazerooni, MH Aarabi, M R Ay, H Saligheh Rad .
  6. A hybrid method for generation of attenuation map for MR-based attenuation correction of PET data in prostate PET/MR imaging.

    M Shirin Shandiz, MH Aarabi, P Ghafarian, M Bakhshayesh Karam, H Saligheh Rad and M R Ay .
  7. Wavelet Graphs on Mutual Information Functional Connectivity for MS Patients in Resting State fMRI.

    E Eqlimi, A Eshaghi, N Riyahi Alam, A Ahmadian, M A Sahraian and H Saligheh Rad
  8. Multi-parametric (ADC/PWI/T2-w) image fusion approach for accurate semi-automatic segmentation of tumorous regions in glioblastoma multiforme..

    A Fathi Kazerooni, M Mohseni, H Saligheh Rad
  9. Diffusion-Map: A Novel Visualizing Biomarker for Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Human Brain White Matter.

    M H A’arabi, A Fathi Kazerooni and Hamidreza Saligheh Rad
  10. Investigation of Relationship between Free-Water T1 and Age in Human Cortical Bone Employing Short-TE 1H-MRI at 1.5T.

    A Akbari, S Abbasi Rad, M Shojaee-Moghaddam and H Saligheh Rad .
  11. Mutual Information Weighted Graphs for Resting State Functional Connectivity in fMRI Data.

    E Eqlimi, N Riyahi Alam, MA Sahraian, A Eshaghi and H Salighe Rad .
  12. Segmentation of bone from ADC maps in pelvis area using local level-set and prior information.

    F. Sanaei Nezhad, H. Saligheh Rad, H. Soltanian-Zadeh
  13. Accurate Segmentation of Tumorous Regions in High-Grade Glioma Employing a Multi-parametric (ADC/PWI/T2-W) Image Fusion Approach.

    A Fathi Kazerooni, M Mohseni, H Saligheh Rad .
  14. A Novel Non-Rigid Registration Approach for Accurate Quantification of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Imaging (DCEMRI) in Ovary Employing Residual Complexity Framework.

    A Fathi Kazerooni, L Torbati, M Malek, and H Saligheh Rad
  15. Smoothly Clipped Absolute Deviation (SCAD) regularization for compressed sensing MRI Using an augmented Lagrangian scheme.

    A Mehranian, H Saligheh Rad, MR Ay, A Rahmim, H Zaidi
  16. A Wavelet-Based Similarity Measure to register pre- /intra-operative MR images of the brain.

    A Fathi Kazerooni, A Ahmadian, H Saberi, V Asayesh and H Saligheh Rad
  17. Generation of attenuation map for MR-based attenuation correction of PET data in the head area employing 3D short echo time MR imaging.

    P Khateri, H Saligheh Rad, A Fathi Kazerooni, M Ay .
  18. Application of Split Bregman Optimization Method for Compressed Sensing CE-MRA.

    J Zamani, H Saligheh Rad, and A Nasiraei Moghaddam
  19. An efficient algorithm for registration of pre- and intra- operative brain MRI images to correct intensity inhomogeneity.

    A Fathi Kazerooni, A Ahmadian, H Saberi, J Alirezaie and H Saligheh Rad .
  20. 3D TV-Based Compressed MR Image Reconstruction Using a Primal Dual Algorithm.

    A Mehranian, H Saligheh Rad, M Ay and A Rahmim
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